Expanded Snack System

A single screw extrusion system for creating expanded snacks from corn, rice and other cereal ingredients.

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Reading Bakery Systems offers a single screw, high-pressure extrusion system for producing expanded snacks from corn, rice and other cereal ingredients. The RBS High Pressure Extruder produces corn curls and corn ball shapes, popcorn, onion rings, and more!
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We understand the increasing demands you face to ensure safety, sanitation and compliance. Our SafeShield Program combines cutting-edge design and manufacturing practices with a firm commitment to safety and sanitation.

SafeShield Program highlights:

  • Optimize bakery equipment to meet or exceed standards for safety and sanitation
  • Guard only what is necessary to maximize operator safety while minimizing potential harborages and un-cleanable areas
  • Use automation to reduce employee interaction, improve safety and reduce potential for contamination of food
  • Ensure equipment that contacts food can be easily and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized
  • Select materials that pose the lowest risk for product contamination

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Reading Bakery Systems provides the latest, custom designed control systems for your equipment. All control systems are designed and built in house. We stay up to date on the latest technologies, safety standards and control specifications to keep your production running safely and efficiently.
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