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Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), a leading global manufacturer of snack production systems, introduced a new pita chip production system that produces baked, split pita chips, as well as a variety of other baked crisp products. 

The new pita chip production system builds on the RBS Multi-Crisp Technology with an additional multi-pass proofer, pita dicer and a high heat application during the baking process to produce a new baked pita chip. This flexible line can produce other multi-crisp snacks, beyond pita chips, by bypassing the proofer and pita dicing steps. The pita chip system can accommodate batch or continuous mixing depending on the level of automation needed by the snack manufacturer.  

“We are really excited about this new production process, as snack manufacturers are always seeking equipment flexibility to maximize production capabilities. We’ve developed a new way to produce baked pita chips on a system that can also create multi-crisp products. It’s a game-changer for manufacturers that want to innovate their snack portfolio.” said Shawn Moye, Vice President of Sales, RBS.

The new system incorporates Thomas L. Green sheeting equipment, multi-pass proofer, convection oven, and multi-pass convection dryer. Collectively, the proofer, oven and dryer combination are an efficient solution, delivering consistent overall product quality in a relatively small amount of floor space.


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